Vulnerable Protection

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How did I find protection within being vulnerable? Good question. I have become familiar with keeping things to myself, having my own back, and hiding what is going on inside my head to protect myself from a multitude of things. However, I am finding that “staying safe” becomes unimportant when I am in love with Love Himself (God). Love has become my Protection, and love is vulnerability.

Protection for my physical body and safety for my heart have completely ceased to matter to me when the reputation of my Love Himself is on the line. I am now discovering a hidden treasure about Protection — He demands vulnerability, otherwise He is not needed. Plain and simple. Relating to Jesus’ pain has lead me to completely dismiss the process of considering any harm that might come to me on account of my endeavor to love people.

Love is not a very widely known person. Perhaps because vulnerability without “healing insurance” is terrifying.  I have discovered where I can find Protection and it is in the place I least expected it. Within vulnerability. But here is the kicker, He demands vulnerability for the sake of Love’s reputation, not yours. So this will not make sense to those who are not in love with Love Himself. What people often don’t realize is that just as Protection demands vulnerability so does vulnerability demand Protection. We must trust God. Nahum 1:7 says He KNOWS those who TRUST Him! Psalm 91:7 is practically guaranteeing that everyone around you could be falling dead to the ground but you will remain standing. Everyday, missionaries walk into what onlookers see as the heart of danger but they are rather walking in a protection that simply demanded vulnerability.

Love has made me a student, and something has been happening while I’ve been coming to this realization. I no longer even stop to think “Is this worth it?” or try weighing the value of love’s exchange for probabilities of harm. In fact, I think somewhere along the way I completely forgot to do that anymore. It took some long hard thinking in the great outdoors but now I know this is because of how strongly familiar I am becoming with love overpowering harm, the more I become vulnerable. No matter what comes to attack Love, the harm done can always be healed BY Love.

So why do I call this protection? Well I suppose knowing that I have what heals anything is the literal obliteration of fear for me. Without fear, vulnerability is simply not a problem! It makes me think of when kids these days get on those “kill and conquer” type video games and they run their character forward excitedly, despite the fact that they will very likely die. It isn’t a big deal to them because they know how to come back to life. Unlimited lives. Eternal life. I think learning how to be completely vulnerable for the sake of Love and learning to intentionally run forward excitedly into what people call certain death situations and conversations, is what has led me to hold the hand of Love himself. THAT is when I realized the protection and ease of knowing how to come back to life from any amount of vulnerability.

Being vulnerable is what revealed healing without limits. Any level of harm is not a big deal. Love’s literal “How To” handbook instructions on healing IS simple: Love itself . . . or shall I say Himself? Once again Love is protection and Love is vulnerability. So why even waste time considering the risk levels? I can be as vulnerable as I need to be with such a protection as He is . . . As for my next thought process I’m asking myself this question: To think that someone’s hate for me should increase my love for them is a foreign thought, right? Well that seems to be what Love has been teaching me to do next. As my vulnerability has been developing for the sake of Love, His protection has become unbelievable. It creates fearlessness. I would describe it as limitless oxygen for my mind, heart, and soul.

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

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