The Mission

We are here to grow, not to let the grass grow under our feet. We are here to learn, not let our hearts become soft and lifeless but instead beat fast with the thought of our Savior. We choose truth over the comforts of this world, belief over what’s popular. We don’t run our own lives, we’re listening to His guidance, loving His rule. Our mission is to grow together, be strong in our dependance on our God. We are here with the knowledge that this world is not our home, only the first part in an intricate dance with Christ, the first lights to hit the stage, the quiet tuning of the orchestra. We are here to stand with you, to be a community of Jesus lovers who are unashamed of the gospel and victorious in Him. We promise to stand against the darkness, and to blink into the light. We promise to listen more to what He has to say, and less to what the world thinks. We’re here to cry with you, we’re not afraid to have our shoulders wet with tears. We’re here to laugh with you, it’s good medicine after all. We are here to say the Church is not a building, it’s not a place to go to, it’s me and you. The called out ones, the beggars grasping truth, showing other beggars where to find some bread. That’s all we are. Beggars hungry for the bread of our Messiah.