The Magazine

If you ask us what Grafted Magazine is all about, it’s simply that we believe that every person has a unique calling on their lives to love others so much that we make God’s name famous. Through that belief, the idea of Grafted Magazine was born. We had a simple solution to a question we were confronted with– why can’t we find a missionally minded website or magazine, for youth, that isn’t focused on only one gender, and is for the average person?

Grafted Magazine began in late 2013 as a response to this question, through the vision of co-founders Johanna Schnakenberg and Jessica Rackley. Having spent the majority of their teen years curating creative and inspirational blogs, they recognize the need to have more godly, purposeful and strategic content available to young people. They have a passion for missions, ministry and share a common belief that the great commission given in Matthew 28:19 is not limited to a certain group of people, but applies to every individual who loves Jesus. Their vision behind Grafted Magazine is to see young Christian women and men empowered and uplifted so they can better express their talents, ambition, and gifts in a way that focuses globally.

This website and magazine is run by a community of young peoples gathered together from all walks of life, grafted into the tree of salvation by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, united in our love for Him and by our yearning to be a light to the nations. We are dedicated to growing in the rich soil of the Word of the Living God and to sharing that growth with others.

We publish articles on our blog on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s, put an inspiring note in your inbox every Saturday morning at 9 am (subscribe to our newsletter here!), run the Grafted Magazine Missional Instagram Campaign, and publish 2 full issues a year, free online and in print for $20.

We are self-funded, not-for-profit. Any proceeds from the sale of our issues go to making the next one. It is our privilege to serve in this way!

Missions for youth, curated by youth, all for the glory of Jesus.

romans 11-17