Not A Coincidence

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Some people believe in chance or coincidence but I believe in Gods divine plan… A plan much bigger then anything I or anyone could ever see happening. This past week I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to an Indian reservation located in Eagle Butte, South Dakota! My youth group went through an organization called Youth Works and honestly, we had one of the most amazing times.  What a great chance for all of us to bond together as friends in Christ. We did various things from kids clubs to cleaning out their local high school and from painting houses to working at a day care! But there was one thing we did that really stands out at the front of my mind. While we were there, my crew had the opportunity to work with a local soup kitchen. The one day we were serving we had spaghetti, salad, watermelon, cookies, coffee, and water! It was a super hot day so the good folks of the town were a little slow coming and I personally said to myself, “Wow, we did all this work to prepare this food and no one is showing up to enjoy it!”  As the day went on, more and more people started filling the tables. As part of our jobs we were asked to sit with people, talk with them, and really let them know they were important and their lives mattered. A lady from the town came in and got her food but the place was getting a little crowded so she went and sat outside under the shade of some trees. I decided to sit with her. While we sat and talked another man came and joined us.  He had a bulletin in his hand from a service of a little girl who had recently died and with that moment a new a new conversation started. The lady who I was talking with told me how she didn’t believe in God but had never really thought much about it. When she saw the bulletin I could tell something was wrong. I asked if she was ok. She told me that just 3 weeks ago her daughter died. She started to cry. It was no coincidence that God had me there. It was no coincidence that God had that woman there. It was no coincidence. God had it planned all along.  God had a plan that I would be able to share that my baby brother had died. He had it planned that I would be able to pray with her and tell her about God. It was no coincidence, He had it planned.  And I’ll be honest, it was scary to follow God’s plan. I was afraid she would get up and leave and I was afraid she would yell or be put off by my asking to pray and share with her! But God had it planned. She didn’t react in any of those ways.  She actually was grateful that I took the time to pray with her.  Don’t be afraid to follow God’s plan. Don’t be afraid of what will happen while you are in the midst of following His plan.  It may not be the easiest thing you have ever done, but God will be walking with you each word and step of the way.  Speak out and speak up! Be bold, have faith, it’s not a coincidence.





About Louis Hintz

Hey y’all my name is Louis! I am 17 years old and living in the crazy city of Chicago! I’m a Oklahoma boy at heart, photographer of beautiful things, voice for the orphan, lover of mission trips but most importantly I have love for Jesus Christ my lord and savior! I am one of eight kids! Five of us are biological but in 2008 my baby brother went to be with Jesus. I’m so happy I have the hope of seeing him again someday! The last three in my family are adopted. God is first, my family second, and then comes all the good stuff life throws my way! My life is crazy, my life is His, I’m just along for the amazing journey and to see what more he has planned for me! facebook and instagram
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  1. Becky Stenson says:

    Louis, I know you grandpa and grandma knew your mom when she was a girl. I was so blessed and encouraged by your testimony. Thanks for going and loving and for sharing how God used you. You are such a blessing.

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