Let’s Interview: Louis Hintz


Louis is our photo editor and contributor here on Grafted Magazine. We’re so pleased to have him as part of our team and enjoy his support and artist eye and ideas. -Editor


What’s your favorite childhood memory? Christmas memory?
Walking down to a river that sat behind our house and having picnics on a little island that was in the middle of the river. Now my favorite Christmas memory waking up to hot chocolate, opening up presents, and then getting all fancied up and going to the Christmas Day church service!

How and when did you get into photography?
Well a really good friend of mine was into it so I decided to give it a try, turns out I had an eye for it! And now it’s turned into something I love!

Favorite place in the world? Place you want to go most?
I think it would be amazing to live / visit London! I’ve been 4 times but never left the airport! But in all reality moving to Uganda and becoming a missionary is the main thing on my mind.

Superhero you want by your side in the apocalypse?
Personally I would want hawk eye or iron man!
Your most listened-to musical artist?
As of now I Love Lorde… Her music is just so like mysterious and just ugh so very good!

When did you become a Christian?
I’ve been a Christian my whole life so I guess you could say birth.

What interested you about Grafted and what are you most looking forward to as the magazine’s photo editor?
I love telling stories and and helping people … So what better way then this magazine.

Favorite book of the Bible and why? Favorite verse?
James 1:27b and I like this verse because it tells us to take care of the widow and orphan. Personally I feel that’s my calling

What natural setting do you like the most–mountains, forest, etc.?
A snowy pine forest !

Do you have a favorite story from your first trip to Uganda?
Not really it was all just so life changing it’s hard to put into words !

In what way have you seen God impacting your life recently?
Back in May when we had to move up to Illinois I didn’t fully understand why God would have me move away from all my friends but recently I’ve seen him moving in my life in ways I would have never imagined !

Best way to relax?
Laying out on the floating bed we have out in the back yard with some spotify on, sweet tea in hand, and a good book!

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