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Grafted Magazine Issue 2

We are so excited to be launching Issue 2 of Grafted Magazine for the world to see. It’s jam-packed with wonderful contributors and stunning photos and amazing stories that make you think. We’ll let the issue speak for itself though, because… well, frankly it can. We have been so blessed to work with some incredible people who love Jesus so much and it shines through clearly like a beacon (though I may be a bit biased, I like this team a lot.) Putting this whole thing together felt like worship a lot of the time, and we’re so glad to share it with you now.

Like I said, we had some incredible people involved for this issue, ranging from artists, musicians, filmmakers, warriors for social justice and much more. What a blessing it is to read the hearts of these young people. You get the feeling that if there so many amazing young people like this, the world can’t be too tragic.

Our contributors include

Carlotta Cisternas
Olivia Erickson and Liv Fierce
Jessica Ziegelbauer
Paul Hastings and Roses Movie

We’d like to thank our families and friends who have listened to our late night ravings with patience of saints and gave us advice and ideas all through the planning process. We owe you guys one, big time.
I am so proud of my team, also. You guys are the reason this project is as beautiful as it is. So to Jessica Rackley (thanks for being the best managing editor there could be), Catherine Marsh (you’re honestly the most incredible creative director in the world, missy), Louis Hintz (you rock in all ways, but you’re super good at being our photo director / editor), Joannah Zimmerman (couldn’t have done this without your amazing ideas and planning skills!), Noble Nimmons (with all your amazing ideas and willingness to stay up super late for hours on end to figure out simple things, you earn a gold star. Thanks for being so great!), Dylan Campbell (funniest travel and missions editor there could be, hope you get to be a bigger part of the next issue!), Caroline Kelly (my thank you to you should be about 20 pages long, but it’ll suffice to say that we wouldn’t be the same without your editing skills. You’re the best.),  and Keaton Webb (you may not have been part of this issue, but your encouraging words on this website always help us out! So glad you’re part of this team.)

And of course, thank you to our readers who encouraged us so much with the April launch. We’re so thankful for your support and love, here’s to many more issues!

Please read the issue and help us spread the word by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you might go, with the hashtag #wearegrafted. You can also use this tag to tell the world how you’ve been grafted. These short stories on Twitter, always under 140 characters, show so much love for our creator, and it’s one of our favorite things to read. We would love to get a storm of #wearegrafted hashtags floating around the internet, help us start it! Let’s light the world on fire, friends.

Until next time,
Johanna Schnakenberg and the rest of the Grafted Mag team.


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  1. Madeline says:

    Um, this is amazing. I just wanted to say that I have not finished reading the 2nd issue yet, but this is quality. You guys are so encouraging with your articles and photos, and you did a great job with the layout and everything. You should seriously consider finding someway to print these because I want a copy. Keep up the good work guys, God is using you.

  2. marcia says:

    oh, gosh. this is magnificent! all your hard work completely paid off because this issue is absolutely stellar. the words, the photographs, the design… just everything is all top.

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