Issue 1 – Launch


Oh friends. It’s been a long road, really to get us here today. Lots of late nights, and notebooks lost and found (and, um, lost again for me). There’s been some inside joke making, some yawning parties, and general silliness. There’s also been a lot of prayer over this and today we’re just so glad to finally present you the fruit of our labor. Thanks to everyone involved and especially our parents and siblings who probably put up with non-stop talking at very high speeds about article plans and missed-deadlines (whoops, sorry Catherine!). Please read and share and email us follow up questions and responses, or write us on Facebook and Twitter if something touched your heart. Love you all so much, The Grafted Magazine Team.

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One Response to Issue 1 – Launch

  1. Khloe Paige says:

    I just wanted to say that I am so impressed with your first issue! I was Creative Director for a small magazine while in high school, so I completely can relate to all of the hard work, deadlines, craziness, late nights, excitement, and relief when it’s finally published. Splendid splendid job, everyone! The articles were wonderful and the look is clean and attractive! I can’t wait to see more!
    xo, Khloe

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