Family Mission- Fear of Family



Family is the hardest mission field.  Why is that so?  Because family are the people that you are the most real with, the people that know all your dumb jokes, silly habits (and where you got them), how you react over different stuff, and most of all, your flaws.  They knew you before Christ came in and shifted all your rubbish out the door, before He removed you from shame and into His glorious freedom.

They’re the people that still see your faults, and even if they don’t purposely try to, they can put you back into a world of guilt by reminding you of all  that hasn’t changed or the things you did (OR) didn’t do while in the flesh.

Family is a hard mission field, and sometimes it feels impossible.

It’s hard to feel hope that their even listening, or that they’re even seeing a difference your life.  When we feel like just trying to look over their corrupted state, we sometimes forget to reach for the most important factor in it all.  Prayer.  Prayer is calling on the one who makes the final move, revealing to them how lost and broken they are.

In my personal life, my unsaved family are some of the most sarcastic, self-righteous, word-cutting, hateful/bitter people that I know.  They have amazing skill of being able to talk to strangers, have debates with people that might know twice as much as them and still win.  They all know how to use words well, and tend to just chop you into fish bait for fun. Or they were upset at something, they take it out on you because you happened to be the first person that came along.

I’ve been a Christian for nearly seven years and I still have a hard time trying to turn the other cheek, responding with love, and giving gentle reproofs when they do something obviously wrong or cruel.

The family mission field is hard, but it’s the first mission field.  If you look through the new testament, just in the book of Acts, you will find many accounts of people coming to know the LORD.  There’s only a few times that a single person comes to know the LORD by him/her self.  A whole household usually came to know Christ at once, showing us many times that families were supposed to come together, showing the unity of Christ.

Do not fear because our families are hard to witness to for Christ, and we feel like  giving up. It’s hard to see  them wallowing in sin, that you feel like crying and screaming asking how can they not see God’s goodness in their lives.  In the end it’s God’s move, it’s His plan.  We are put in their lives to show His love and kindness, to live a lifestyle that shows His attributes and work in our lives.  And to pray. pray, pray for them. Read Genesis 44:34 and see what God would speak to your heart about winning our family for our Father.

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