I don’t know if it’s just me or the fact that I was raised hearing, breathing, living missions, but whenever I hear stuff I usually try applying them to a missional sense.

When we picked Breakthrough for the theme of July, I thought back to the mission stories.

How many times everything seemed to be against the missionaries at some point or another.  And then something would happen, most of the time the thing that would happen would seem to be some type of disaster, but it would open up a huge door to the place they would be reaching out to!

It only happened after they had endured attacks, hate for God, and just plain uncomfortable circumstances.  The thing that helped them last till the end was that they had purpose & passion from God for what they were doing, and a hope for the future because they believed God had greater plans for these people. They received a breakthrough from what ever trial or culture block they were having with the people they were ministering too.

(The below is from Perspectives, work books.)


We were made to live for purpose. God himself lives for purpose.  The way to live with significance is to devote yourself to a purpose that is larger than your life.


Passion is the heart set free to pursue that which is truly worthy.  Those who set their hearts on what is most worthy- the glory of God- live with joy-filled abandon. Their hearts are both seized and satisfied with the ambition for Jesus to be ardently worshiped. That love comes to domination and integrate all other desires so that they live in the freedom of single-minded purpose.


God has called us to live our lives as a bold act of hope. To hope is not merely to wish for small improvements of personal circumstances.  Hope expects all things. large or little, to be overwhelmed and filled with the immense glory of Christ. Thus, true hope pursues global glory and total triumph over evil.  Lives of hope can face great evil with relentless courage, since there is no telling how soon God will break through with ultimate victory.


To breakthrough is to begin the finish.  From Satan’s point of view, a missiological breakthrough permanently penetrates the darkness of his domain.  From God’s point of view, He is at long last welcomed. known and followed.  From people’s point of view, breakthroughs introduce enduring hope.  Breakthroughs are turing points in history. It’s hard to imagine being part of anything more enduring significance.

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