Boldness: brave or not

What comes to your mind when you hear this: Godly Boldness.

Believing differently then anyone else believes and not hiding it. Telling the truth at the risk of getting attacked or causing danger to come to others. Rejecting the logical decision because you are hearing from the Lord and although it doesn’t makes sense you choose to obey. Having no answer for people when they ask you what your plan is because you are waiting for the Lord to reveal the plan. Continuing to do what God says even when you begin looking like a fool to everyone around you. Refusing to act on what you are able to figure out with your own brain power not because you have no idea what to do but instead because you know its very possible that your will is not Gods will. Having the smarts to come up with socially acceptable business, career, and life plans but putting them all behind you in order to come before the Lord and ask for His plan for each of your years. Refusing to even seek to know who wronged you in the midst of hurting over it and choosing to focus on looking for the lesson God is teaching you. Resting at peace because of the knowledge that God is just rather then restlessly seeking vengeance. Adopting may children without having any large savings or college degree simply because you it is right to not leave them abandoned. Risking everything you own for your God given passion even when their are no guarantees having no reservations and holding nothing back. Working for no salary for a year despite having a large family to provide for in efforts to save countless lives and not even counting it a risk because of the knowledge that God does not call us to do something and then make it impossible. Paying no mind to the need for sleep, food or any other basic necessity and giving all hours of the day and night to the needs of strangers.
These are some of the most intense acts of boldness I have seen in my life and in the lives of those closest to me. These are things that have stopped me in my minds tracks leading me away from the fleshly desires I would have turned to and leading me towards a new mind that made no sense to most people. A mind of boldness that would one day be called mindless despite the fact that I was learning a level of mindfulness and thoughtfulness I had never before experienced in my spiritual walk.
These acts of boldness put to death what is earthly. Godly boldness renews the mind because it is in fact not natural to the old mind. The old minds practice fear and confusion while the new minds practices love, power, stability, hope, and peace. 1st Corinthians 14:33 gives us the wonderful news that confusion is not from God and this therefore gives us our next step which is to reject confusion and a bi-product of that is the automatic loss of fear that comes with confusion which makes complete sense especially when you see 1st Timothy 1:7 which confirms that fear is also not from God. Godly boldness could be viewed as a superpower in some ways because it seems like those who charge forward with it are not even feeling the coals under their feet. The Holy Spirit definitely gives some crazy courage in times of need but that does not mean all those who experience fear are somehow excluded from closeness with the Lord or the renewing of their minds. I would actually dare to say that moving forward in Gods commands when you are still experiencing fear, AKA the equivalent of a soldier marching forwards despite the fact that he is shaking in his boots, is actually just as much of a “superpower”.

Whether or not you would call yourself a courageous person you are still called to the renewing of your inner self which means that in the end you are still called to boldness, brave soul or not.

I know this is the place where most people may want to stop reading because we are getting to grounds of denying ourselves EVERYTHING. At first glance that is in no way shape or form desirable. I understand because I am one of the people that marches while shaking in my boots. Thoughts of putting myself first and different fears attack me regularly and although I am immune to these attacks through the putting on of the armor of God(daily…although sometimes I forget my shield) I am not unaware of them and they do take up some of my focus. I am no spiritual iron woman of any sort. As much as I might wish I was a fearless and brave child of God all the time I still remain a shaky little leaf much of the time who has to practice recognizing truths on the daily to keep the forward movement going.

I have definitely come close to thinking there is something wrong with me for that repetitious self reminding but to my delight I have found verses that not only relate to daily struggling but actually command daily commitment to renewing the inner self. I would go so far as to say that spiritual boldness and the daily renewing of the inner self cannot exist one without the other. 2 Corinthians 4:16 attests to this belief. Not only does it speak about the inner self being “renewed day by day” but also goes further to explain that it is for the purpose of us not losing heart and this is quite the discovery considering that the losing of heart is a direct symptom of fear which is to be overtaken with power, love and a stable mind! (2 Timothy 1:7) Now if you go backwards to Romans you can find that being conformed to the world is also a direct symptom of failing to renew your mind(12:2). This verse reveals more abilities given by the practice of renewing your mind. It uses the word transformed. It says “by testing you may discern what is the will of God”. Is this not demanding boldness from us? In order to be bold in a Godly way you MUST know the will of God otherwise your boldness can easily be many other things besides Godly and according to this verse again we must: “be transformed through the renewal of your mind and through testing you will know what is the will of God…..”. I realize that boldness is considered to be something only certain people are “gifted with” or “called to” but I beg to differ.

Now lets look at the meaning of the word transformed. Not in English but rather tracing back into the historical and original language in which it was written: Greek. The word is μεταμορφόω. We are talking about a verb that is spoken in present tense and with imperative meaning. It is present tense and it is a verb! This means that “transformation” should be a present thing and an active thing but if boldness and a renewed mind were meant for only certain people shouldn’t Romans 12:2 be directed at particular people rather then no particular group being addressed? If boldness was meant to be easy for those “gifted” or “called” people (or anyone for that matter) then why on earth would we be called to a type of transformation that is present tense AND a verb? Should it not at least be past tense? Maybe active at the time of the transformation but then finished? But that is not at all what we were given by the word. We were called to a presently active transformation which demands a presently active effort towards renewing of the inner self. So whatever it is that puts the fire in your spirit or on the other extreme, the shaking in your boots I have a challenge for you to take every thought captive, renew your inner self actively, and march forward whether you feel brave or not. The Lord will give you everything you need (2 Peter 1). But don’t forget your shield! (Ephesians 6:16)

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