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Joshua Lenz Adopted son of God, Grafted Magazine writer, missionary in Peru, dragon hunter, maker of worlds, and a big fan of milk chocolate and Needtobreathe. He loves: drawing, writing and telling stories, influencing people with words, and writing songs. He likes: traveling, down-hilling, laughing, making others laugh, apologetics, and anything epic. His future: All of the above, plus any ideas God has in mind. Hopefully involving castles and publishing.

The Iron Side of Love

Acquiring a socially acceptable degree of calm has been a lifelong project for me. During my teenage years I recall a general underlying theme of being simply too prickly to be around, too outspoken, or simply too opinionated. Don’t get … Continue reading

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Trust Issues

It’s been a long time since the revolutionary war with Great Britain, but no one has forgotten about it. That was a time when, although most people stood back and accepted the circumstances, a small percentage of people with a … Continue reading

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When it gets raw

A coin. One coin. Not a very valuable coin either; worth about 1/3 of a dollar. That’s all I have. There’s a man in a wheelchair selling candy. It doesn’t seem like he’s had a good time in a few … Continue reading

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A Letter to the Dead

Walk with me into your imagination. There are three doors; let’s go through the first. You used to be alive. So alive! But now you lie on a field of corpses, numbered with the dead. The moonlight glints and glances … Continue reading

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Shine On

Kickoff question: What makes you different from the people around you, the people the Bible classifies as The World? The biggest step you can make towards outreach is realizing how important it is.  I boldly say this at the risk … Continue reading

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