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Cori Roberts lives in Conroe, TX. Besides being a barista extraordinaire, she is working on a bachelor’s degree in business and loves reading, photography, and people. Close to her heart are domestic missions, her fiancé, hearing stories of people’s lives changed by God, and tacos.

Building Muscle

I must be getting old. It seems like lately I just don’t fit with people my age, or relate to the general outlook the world has now. Things like justice, goals, success, express yourself, and general human virtues are just … Continue reading

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Age of Wisdom

Our generation has become notorious for being know-it-alls. With technology and information, and travel at our hands like no generation before, what would our elders have to offer us anyways? Unfortunately, we’ve got to face the facts that we all … Continue reading

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Come and Take It

In 1835, a group of Texan rebels united to resist the seizure of a canon originally given to them by Mexico to ward off raids by the Native Americans. Certainly it was lost on these few settlers that they were … Continue reading

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Living Without Busyness

I kind of feel cliché writing about things like this. Things we have heard over and over from countless bloggers, multiple times from the pulpit (or is it just called a stage now?). But I just think sometimes we need … Continue reading

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Threaded Together

Perspectives always fascinate me. The idea that many people can view an occurrence in many differing ways, factual or not, seems simple and obvious. But I think it’s a gift that we’ve been given the ability to make opinions about … Continue reading

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