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Age of Wisdom

Our generation has become notorious for being know-it-alls. With technology and information, and travel at our hands like no generation before, what would our elders have to offer us anyways? Unfortunately, we’ve got to face the facts that we all … Continue reading

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I Decided to Stop Talking About My Dreams and Did Them

Not to sound too overly Disney here, but I’m just going to say it’s safe to assume that every single one of our readers has amazing dreams. We all have dreams and ideas, big ones, little ones, impossible ones. For … Continue reading

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Not Manly Enough- From a Christian Women’s Perspective

“But why would he brag about that?” I asked. My friend had just finished educating me on a man’s tendency to boast on his sexual acts with multiple women in order to prove his manliness. I must admit that I am often baffled by the ways of men- … Continue reading

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