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A Lifestyle of Worship

If I asked any number of Christians what they thought of when I say the word “worship,” the answer would most likely be music. Growing up in a Christian culture, I often shared that response. Worship was synonymous with music … Continue reading

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Let Me Ask Jesus

My heart overflows with passion, pain and determination. How is a Jesus follower supposed to feel when they realize the people they spend each and everyday with do not exercise for care what happens to people around the world but … Continue reading

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Choosing Joy over Happiness By Neeley

The sky was the color of the sea, and I sat beside my Dad on the stone steps of a city building. Street vendors packed up for the day and a street band played their violins and sang, music floating … Continue reading

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Hands Held High

About a week into my classes this summer I was wondering why the information was flying past me faster than the words flying off the text book pages into my eye sockets. I hadn’t realized that summer classes at my … Continue reading

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