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Of Truth, Travel, and Trust

Travel is the best thing that has ever happened to me. And here’s where all my friends groan because they are probably sick of hearing me talk about it. It’s true! Once you get me started, I may never stop. … Continue reading

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The Wilderness Road

His name is Thomas. He is a simple, first-century Jew. Dark-skinned, bearded, probably poor like the other eleven followers of this Teacher named Jesus. And his Teacher is dead. Executed on a cross, buried in a tomb three days ago. … Continue reading

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Prepare To Die

Do you know what it feels like to have no way to describe how happy you are as you face challenges? Have you ever been so in love with something that suddenly the work, lack of sleep, and bending over … Continue reading

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Give Him Your Weariness by Laurel Herrick

Guest Post- by Laurel Herrick My house is situated on a country dirt road where there’s little traffic and peaceful farm settings. Every evening I pull on my sneakers, rake my hair into a pony tail and run towards the sunset. … Continue reading

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Breaking Up… Healthily

The way we break up is unhealthy. Here’s a picture of the common breakup. 2 people date, the boy sits with the girl and tells her a vague reason why it won’t work between them. They both walk away. The … Continue reading

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