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Embracing the Awkward

Two years ago, I was exploring the great city of London with some good friends. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day. The sun was shining (a rarity for bleak British weather), and we were blissfully happy after crossing … Continue reading

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Why We Just Can’t Seem to Have Enough Time for Everything & How to Fix it

I woke up at 10. It’s now 1, and yet I have very little to show for my morning. I have an enormous amount on my to-do list, and more on my goals list, and yet I keep wasting time. … Continue reading

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The Promise of Salvation

I honestly could’ve written about a lot of things this month. When I look back over the year since January, it seems that so much in my life has changed. Amazing things have happened, sad things have happened. And yet … Continue reading

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A Christian Passover Seder

The recollection of suffering, persecution, and deliverance. A holiday of holiness. Matzah bread and glasses of wine. . . What is it to you? Growing up in American culture my knowledge of the Passover was next to zilch. I knew … Continue reading

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Broken Pieces Made Whole

My character is flawed with a perception of my own incompetence. Every day I struggle to fight against the level of my own humanity which fights against God’s thoughts. “You’re not enough.” “You can’t trust your heart.” “You have no … Continue reading

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