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If there is one thing every person is scared of, it’s the truth. We are scared of the truth about ourselves. We are scared of our flaws, our mistakes, our weaknesses, because the thought of others seeing those faults is … Continue reading

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The Opportunity of Sacrifice

I tear open the package and unfold the navy blue robes, untangle the tassel that loops around the little hat. All I can think is that under all this shiny material, this hat is just cardboard. Its taken four years … Continue reading

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Sacrificing the Sins That We Sometimes Like

The truth is – sins are called TEMPTING because there is something about sin that is attractive to us. It TEMPTS us. Some sins are enjoyable, or self-satisfying, or seemingly harmless. In fact, most temptations appear to offer us something. The world … Continue reading

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The Growing Focus

        “Do you want a burger or tacos?” Asks your friend who is driving the car. But you can’t hear the question over the music playing through your headphones. You’re not really listening to that either though, … Continue reading

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For the Love of Sacrifice

How great it would be to be able to talk to all of you readers in a live interview on this subject! Sacrifice! There is Joy in sacrifice! I love sacrifice so much it probably confuses some people. You see … Continue reading

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