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The People Who Stop

A few days ago, my little sister was volunteering at a nursing home and ended up spending an hour with a lovely elderly woman.  This woman was a bit disoriented, fuzzy on what was happening around her, but she lit up … Continue reading

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Diamonds on Display

     I don’t know about the rest of you but there has been a great deal of talk of God’s grace around me lately. It feels like everyone is talking about it in just about every way possible. From … Continue reading

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A Piece of Our Story

THE WHO. In early 2012, co-founders Johanna Schnakenberg and Jessica Rackley shared a series of frustrated messages on the quality of Christian media and, specifically, blogs and magazines for young Christians like themselves. Both avid bloggers, they had seen the … Continue reading

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Who to Respect

Two days ago, I listened as one of my acquaintances tried explaining to me why every person isn’t deserving of her kindness and respect. She justified herself: she “just didn’t like certain people,” and that was that. I pulled away from … Continue reading

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Unfinished Business

Sometimes I wonder how many opportunities I’ve missed. How many times God has been trying to show me something through a person, and I’ve missed it. How many opportunities I’ve had to help someone receive breakthrough and healing, and haven’t … Continue reading

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