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Forgetting God

  You’ve got this. You are enough. You are strong. You are beautiful. Sound familiar? Self-empowerment mantras like these make their way around, popping up on blogs, social media pages, conference headlines, Bible studies, and coffee shop walls, and permeating … Continue reading

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Meeting the Truth

  As you’ve probably noticed by now, the theme at Grafted this month is “worldview”. While thinking about what to write, I started considering what a Christian worldview actually is. There’s a lot of talk today about “Biblical” worldview and … Continue reading

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God’s Preference

“In the beginning God created…..” In our modern culture we are surrounded by the sound of artistic expression in so many different ways. In music there is such an incredible diversity of style that it is seemingly impossible to keep … Continue reading

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Reversing Relativity

I don’t pretend to be any sort of scholar, and especially not a science know-it-all. I get lost in movies where there are different dimensions and loop holes. Honestly, I’ve seen Inception at least four times, and I still don’t … Continue reading

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What Does GOD Say?

  How often are we swayed in our views of the world because of what we hear from other people? Personally, I let myself be swayed more than I’d like. Just this week, I doubted my usefulness in God’s kingdom … Continue reading

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