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I don’t know if it’s just me or the fact that I was raised hearing, breathing, living missions, but whenever I hear stuff I usually try applying them to a missional sense. When we picked Breakthrough for the theme of … Continue reading

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Not A Coincidence

  Some people believe in chance or coincidence but I believe in Gods divine plan… A plan much bigger then anything I or anyone could ever see happening. This past week I had the opportunity to go on a mission … Continue reading

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The Mountain in The Desert

A Narrative of Provision from Miriam’s perspective The tent flap hit gently against the pole with a dense and rhythmic sound. Strands of hair clung to her cheek from the humid air inside. She needed to begin the day, but … Continue reading

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Learning What to Trust

My arms weakly, slowly lifted my body to an upright position. I sat, swaying back and forth on my unmade bed. I brought my hand to my face, then through my unkempt hair onto my clothes, which were wet from tears. Grunting loudly, … Continue reading

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Vulnerable Protection

How did I find protection within being vulnerable? Good question. I have become familiar with keeping things to myself, having my own back, and hiding what is going on inside my head to protect myself from a multitude of things. … Continue reading

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