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I was a pastor’s kid for seventeen years. And that pretty much explains everything there is to know about me. Being part of a ministering family is both a privilege and a responsibility. Shepherding the body of Christ and reaching … Continue reading

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The Hidden Mission Field

I remember hearing her story for the first time. Seventeen, unmarried and pregnant by a boy who promised he wouldn’t leave, except he did. She was afraid, alone and seeking Jesus, at the church she’d attended all her life. But … Continue reading

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Feed Just One

‘Twenty-somethings’ is the term used to describe those who find themselves at the edge of the great chasm in life that hangs between childhood, being cared for, and figuring things out on your own. Many of us are here, looking … Continue reading

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Shine On

Kickoff question: What makes you different from the people around you, the people the Bible classifies as The World? The biggest step you can make towards outreach is realizing how important it is.  I boldly say this at the risk … Continue reading

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Our Relationship with God Reflected in Our Evangelism Style

Why do we evangelize? The words “Go and make disciples” are a sure indicator of a Bible-believer’s mission here on earth. But what is it about our relationship with God that motivates us to want to share it with others? … Continue reading

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