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The War Of Discipleship

Discipleship. What is discipleship? Is it when someone becomes like another so immensely that they reach the point of a “like father, like son” phenomenon taking place? Is it when your circle of friends become family more than friends, and … Continue reading

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You Matter

Her legs were stretched out along the length of her flowered comforter, a laptop on her knees. I sat at her bedside in her desk chair with my hands in my lap. If we weren’t in a dorm room, it … Continue reading

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If a stranger observed your life for a day, what would they see? Throughout the New Testament, Jesus teaches that following Him is a stark contrast to following the world, as powerful a difference as light and darkness. However, the … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Affect Me

On any given day we are all exposed to incredible amounts of media. This can include just about anything: showing your friend a funny commercial on your phone, getting tickets to your favorite summer movie, catching up with the show … Continue reading

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disciple |diˈsīpəl| noun a personal follower of Jesus during his life, esp. one of the twelve Apostles. • a follower or student of a teacher, leader, or philosophy : a disciple of Rousseau. verb [ trans. ] guide (someone) in … Continue reading

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