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The Water and Blood

Like every good story, the Bible carries a very accurate portrayal of its Author’s emotions. Since God is the author of the Bible through divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Bible has as much figurative meaning as it does … Continue reading

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Chag ha-Matzah: A Week Without Bread

“When Adonai brings you into the land … which He swore to your ancestors to give you — a land flowing with milk and honey — you are to observe this ceremony in this month. For seven days you are … Continue reading

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Death is No More

Matt Maher – Christ Is Risen Let no one caught in sin remain Inside the lie of inward shame We fix our eyes upon the cross And run to him who showed great love And bled for us Freely you … Continue reading

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Empty Words

We have over used so many words in our culture, just think about how many times we use love, hate, adorable, awesome, amazing, and like, in our everyday experiences. It’s hard to take a person by their word, because their … Continue reading

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