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New Horizons by Sky Walden

Life is a funny thing sometimes. I’m positive it will be the greatest challenge I will ever experience. Sure, there will be mini-challenges along the way, but the entire whole of life, the act of living–fully and brilliantly–is going to … Continue reading

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You Are Here

answer: that you are here and life exists, and identity that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse. –walt whitman i’m trying to say something coherent, because there’s nothing more embarrassing for a writer than to … Continue reading

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Oh boy. I love the Winter Olympics. I love the congregation of the different cultures, the coming together of different worlds, all that share one thing in common, to battle it out on a world stage. It’s my escape from … Continue reading

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My Waters Peace by Noble Nimmons | pt. 1

We love to encourage the young writers, story tellers, dreamers to share with us and one of our team members who you’ll know best from his monthly topical youtube videos has shared with us a moving story that I think … Continue reading

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Personal Thoughts: Forgiveness and Healing

Throughout my life, I’ve needed to be forgiven many times. I’ve lied and stolen and been too harsh. I’ve brought pain to others, and been left broken by sin more times than I care to count. But through it all, Messiah has … Continue reading

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