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Ending Scenes – A January Collection

This month was full of learning and growth and zeal for life with all of us. We made new friends, reunited with old. Read old books with yellowed pages that countless hands have brushed and found new ones that no … Continue reading

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The Light

there is a love that reaches in and sinks its arm into the darkness of your chest where old things rot. there’s someone holding you, invisible arms. it doesn’t hurt, and then you think, let me. but your hand is … Continue reading

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Let’s Interview: Jessica Rackley

Hey everyone and welcome to Grafted Magazine! I am sure everyone reading is super excited to meet the faces of everyone behind the work going on here at Grafted. I did not have the opportunity of meeting everyone here prior … Continue reading

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God has a way with me sometimes…  He surely knows what I’m thinking at all times and I don’t doubt that one single bit.   But have you ever got that feeling… that feeling of hatred, anger, and frustration! Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Let’s Interview: Johanna Schnakenberg

Today we’re delighted to introduce our Editor in Chief, Johanna Schnakenberg. She’s the brains of the operation around here, and her heart for God is something we all very much admire. Here she is being interviewed by our travel and … Continue reading

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